We offer a free, in person, meeting with an attorney to analyze your situation and help determine whether bankruptcy would make sense for you. This consultation is not a 10-minute pre-packaged lecture of generic bankruptcy information. Instead, we conduct a detailed review of your property, debts, income and monthly expenses to be able to give an opinion as to whether bankruptcy is appropriate for you. At your free initial consultation we will review information regarding your financial situation and discuss issues that may help you, such as: 

  • Preventing or stopping harassing phone calls from debt collectors.
  • Whether you may be able to eliminate a second mortgage.
  • Whether you may be able to recover a repossessed vehicle.
  • If you owe more on your car than the car is worth, whether you may be able to keep the car even if you only pay the lender the value of the car (instead of the entire amount of the car loan).
  • The different steps of the bankruptcy process, and the people who would be involved.
  • The types of debts can and cannot be eliminated through bankruptcy.
  • The steps you would need to take before you can file for bankruptcy.
  • What a bankruptcy discharge would mean for you.
  • Whether there is any risk that you would lose your house, car, or other property in a bankruptcy case.
  • Addressing other questions that you have about bankruptcy and alternatives to bankruptcy.

If you wish to make an appointment you may use the contact form or you may call our office at (570) 341-9000.