Collections Harassment

Federal law prevents debt collectors from abusing consumers. Debt collectors may not:

  • threaten you
  • call early or late, (before 8:30 AM and after 9:00 P.M.)
  • lie
  • call other people about the debt
  • report inaccurate information about you to a credit bureau
  • not tell you that they are a debt collector, or
  • treat you disrespectfully

A debt collector who violates this law can be required to pay you a penalty for breaking the law and to also compensate you for any actual injury. The collector would also have to pay your attorney. We only accept collection harassment cases on a contingency basis, which means that we would be paid only out of any amount that we recover for you from the defendant. If we do not recover, there would be no fee.  

Because many of our clients have been treated improperly by debt collectors, we have an extensive practice. Attorney Kristin Sabatini only handles cases against debt collectors. We are unaware of any other attorney in Northeast Pennsylvania whose practice is limited to this one area. This narrow focus has helped her become very familiar with how the debt collection industry works, and to gain significant knowledge about the complex laws that govern debt collectors. 

We offer a free consultation to discuss with you the calls and letters you have received from debt collectors and to determine whether you have a case against the collection agency. To make an appointment, please use the contact form at the left of this page, or call one of the office numbers at the top of the page.