This is a list of some of the companies that our clients have filed lawsuits against claiming that the collector acted improperly while collecting a debt.

A&S Collection Associates, Inc.
ACA Receivables Co., LLC d/b/a American Agencies
Account Portfolio Management, LLC
Accounts Receivable Management, Inc.
Advanced Call Center Technologies, LLC
Afni, Inc.
Allen, Lewis & Associates, Inc.
Alliance Asset Management, Inc.
Allianceone Receivables Management, Inc.
Allied Interstate, Inc.
Allstate Financial Services, Inc.
American Coradius International, LLC
American Credit & Collections, LLC
AMO Recoveries
ARS National Services, Inc.
Aspen National Financial, Inc. d/b/a Aspen National Collections
Asset Acceptance Capital Corp.
AssetCare, Inc.
Associated Credit Services, Inc.
Brachfeld & Associates, P.C.
Brachfeld Law Group
Card Services, Inc.
Central Portfolio Control, Inc.
Client Services, Inc.
Collection Bureau of Hudson Valley, Inc.
Collection Services And Credit Reporting, Inc.
Collecto, Inc. d/b/a Collection Company of America
Collectors Training Institute of Illinois, Inc.
Commercial Recovery Systems, Inc.
Commonwealth Financial Systems, Inc.
Corporate Receivables, Inc.
Credit Adjustments, Inc.
Creditors Interchange Receivable Management, LLC
Daniels & Norelli, P.C.
DBG Collection, Inc.
Diaz & Associates, Inc.
Donald S. Burak, Esquire
DRS Bonded Collection Systems
Emerald AR Systems, LLC
Encore Receivable Management, Inc.
Encore Receivables, Inc.
Enhanced Recovery Corporation
ER Solutions, Inc.
Eric M. Berman, PC
Erie Mitigation Group, LLC
Evans Law Associates, P.C.
Federal Credit Corp.
Financial Accounts Services Team, Inc.
First Financial Asset Management, Inc.
First National Collection Bureau, Inc.
Firstsource Advantage, LLC
FMA Alliance, Ltd.
Frank S. Falzone & Associates, PLLC
Frederick J. Hanna & Associates, P.C.
GC Services, LP
Genesee Valley Associates, Inc.
Global Acceptance Credit Company, LP
Graydon Associates, LTD
Harvard Collection Services, Inc.
Houston Funding II, Ltd.
I.C. System, Inc.
Integrity Financial Partners, Inc.
J.A. Cambece Law Office, P.C.
James A. West, P.C.
Law Offices of Klemm & Associates, L.L.C.
Law Office of Richard Clark, PLLC
Leading Edge Recovery Solutions, LLC
LTD Financial Services, L.P.
Mann Bracken, LLP
Mercantile Adjustment Bureau, LLC
Michaels, Louis & Associates, Inc.
Miramed Revenue Group, LLC
Moreno and Woods, LLC
MRS Associates, Inc.
National Action Financial Services, Inc.
National American Credit Corp.
National Asset Recovery Services, Inc.
National Bond & Collection Associates, Inc.
National Enterprise Systems, Inc.
NCB Management Services, Inc.
Northeastern Acquisitions Group, Inc.
Northland Group, Inc.
Northstar Location Services, LLC
NRA Group, LLC d/b/a National Recovery Agency
Omni Credit Services of Florida, Inc.
Oxford Management Services
P & B Capital Group LLC
P.N. Financial Inc. d/b/a/ P.N. Financial & Associates
Pace Financial Solutions, Inc.
Palisades Collection, LLC
Patenaude & Felix, A.P.C.
Penn Credit Corporation
Pentagroup Financial, LLC
Phoenix Acquisition Group, LLC
Portfolio Recovery Associates, Inc.
Premium Asset Recovery Corp.
Professional Recovery Services, Inc.
Riexinger & Associates, LLC
Rochester Credit Center, Inc.
Scott Lowery Law Office, P.C.
Security Check, LLC
Security Credit Systems, Inc.
Shapiro Law Office, P.C.
Silver & Associates, P.C.
Simm Associates, Inc.
Source Receivables Management, LLC
SRA Associates, Inc.
Stellar Recovery, Inc.
Stock & Grimes, LLP
Stoneleigh Recovery Associates, LLC
Sunrise Credit Services, Inc.
The Law Office of Harrison Ross Byck, Esq., P.C.
The Law Office of Joe Pezzuto, LLC
Tritium Card Services, Inc.
United Collection Bureau, Inc.
United Recovery Systems, LP
Wesley D. Knee d/b/a Wayne Enterprises
William W. Siegel & Associates, Attorneys at Law, LLC
Wyse Financial Services, Inc.