I highly recommend Sabatini Freeman. Mr. Sabatini is very skilled in his profession and is very knowledgeable about his practice. They take pride in their work. I have seen Mr. Sabatini become compassionate about his clients needs and demands. Their firm is up front and honest, straight to the point and are very willing too educate themselves and their clients on matters that arrive questionable. Their office is very nice and comfortable. Their staff are respectful and considerate. From experience with my own situation, they have offered wonderful services and good advice/referrals along the way making things from a confusing legal standing very understandable. It's appreciated.

- Gabriella

I am much better off since I hired your firm. You were wonderful in following through with all the necessary paper work and explaining what to expect. I have already recommended your office to several friends. You served me well and I am grateful for the service that you provided to me.

– Bonnie

We were informed every step of the way of what was coming and what was expected of us. In fact, from our point of view, Carlo was the only one at the hearing that was prepared. We were in and out in a matter of minutes because having all that was required. You and your office staff will always come highly recommended by us. We were treated with respect and honesty from the very first appointment. Now we can answer the telephone and we run to the mailbox instead of running away. Thanks for all the help pulling our lives back together.

– Kate

I can't say that we are glad we filed bankruptcy but we are ceratinly glad we filed through Carlo Sabatini's office. From our first meeting, Mr. Sabatini was professional and straight forward about all aspects of the bankruptcy, explaining the advantages and drawbacks so well that we knew immediately we had made the right choice. Bankruptcy didn't solve all of our problems but it was the right move at the right time to save our home and keep our heads above water. Carlo's guidance and experience, throughout the course of the bankruptcy, were also valuable tools in replotting our financial course for the future. Our case has ended and there will be traces of it on our credit report for a while but we have been able to start re-establishing our credit with a recent car loan.I would definitely tell anyone in financial trouble and considering bankruptcy to make an appointment with Mr. Sabatini. He will earn their confidence and ease their worries.

– Andrea

We feel we have been given a new lease on life. We have started and stuck to a very disciplined budget which really makes us think about what we spend. For the first time in 35 years my husband knows our bills and has become involved. It was a very difficult decision but had we not filed - we would be in real danger of possibly losing our home down the road. As much as it makes you feel embarrassed, bad things do happen to good people. I tell my clients, when I see them in a position of severe hardship, not to chance losing their home. There are so many people out there that live day after day facing this huge debt and are afraid to turn to bankruptcy. We owe a debt of gratitude to you, Carlo. You have done more for us than anyone we know. We will be eternally grateful to you and your whole staff.

– Linda

My experience with Sabatini Law Firm has been wonderful! Everyone is very helpful, friendly and knowledgeable. I would absolutely recommend this firm.

– Vicki

Absoulute best attorney. Carlo and his staff are the best!!

– Katy

Great people, very helpful

– Josh